The Anna Local Schools district is located in Shelby County approximately 7  miles north of Sidney, Ohio and 24 miles south of Lima, Ohio. Anna is reached by  exiting Interstate 75 at Exit 99 and proceeding west on State Route 119 approximately one mile. The high school building is located at One McRill Way  which is one block north of Route 119 in Anna. The elementary building is located approximately 1/2 mile north of Route 119 in Anna on Route 25A


The Anna Local Schools enrolls approximately 1200 students in grades K-12 and  is a predominately rural school district. Agriculture is a major occupation  among residents with many others working in factory production, retail  businesses, and at the Honda Anna Engine Plant which is located in the Anna  School District. Approximately 60% of the school district tax revenues are  received from Honda so it is the primary tax contributor in the school district and is crucial to the district's financial stability.

Anna students regularly score above state and national standards on  standardized tests and approximately 3/4 of the students pass all parts of the Ohio 9th Grade Proficiency Tests on their first attempt. ACT scores are  regularly above the national average.

Anna Schools are leaders in the use of technology in its schools with  students regularly using many types of up to date technology. Our new elementary school was designed with technology in mind and has the wiring capability built  in to expand technology as new developments occur. Both buildings are networked, have fiber optic cable connecting the two buildings, have access to the  Internet, and have access to distance learning. Teachers have access to laptop  computers and a plan is underway to expand the use of laptops to students.

A wide range of extracurricular activities is available to students and a  large number of students participate. Whether a student's interests are  athletics, dramatics, music, or clubs, there are extracurricular activities for them.

Anna Schools grades K-12 are North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredited. Most school districts accredit their high school but the Anna Schools have gone beyond that standard and accredited its elementary school also.

If you have questions concerning the Anna Local Schools, you may contact school officials by calling 937-394-4251 or by using our FAX number  937-394-7658. Our mailing address is:

Anna Local Schools
One McRill Way
P.O. Box 169
Anna, Ohio 45302

Anna Elementary School

Anna High School & Middle School


Last updated: 11/10/04