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22 July 2014

How do I enter?
You do not need to register. Just complete 6 of the 13 races and you will receive a custom made Shelby County 5K Tour medal. You also must run at least 6 races to be eligible for  the prize drawings

Medals/prizes will be awarded at the Boo Run 5K on Oct. 26th or pick up at YMCA in Sidney until Nov. 20th. You do not need to be present to win door prizes.

Questions or Inquiries:  email us at

SHELBY COUNTY 5K TOUR NEWSLETTER - Make sure you are signed up to get the latest local 5K news and updates for the 2013 tour.

The 2014 Shelby County 5K Tour is about to start. 2014 Tour Brochure is here.

Visit the Shelby County 5K Tour on FaceBook at


August 2 - Tawawa Park Runners 5K - Saturday - 8:00 am @Tawawa Park - Registration Form             ONLINE
August 31 - Running Raider 5K - Sunday- 9:00 am @ Russia School - Registration Form

September 6 - YMCA/Applefest 5K - Saturday - 8:30 am @ Sidney YMCA - Registration Form
October 26 - RWF Boo Run 5K - Sunday - 9:00 AM @ Russia High School - Registration Form


July 17 - Take Back the Night 5K  - Overall  - Age Group
July 4  - Ft Loramie Five at the Fort 5K - Overall
June 28 - Houston 5K Classic - Overall - Age Group
June 19 - Duck N' Run 5K  - Overall - Age Group

June 14 - Anna 5K - Overall - Age Group

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