We are excited to announce that through some amazing and generous support from our community, author of The Kindness Diaries, Leon Logothetis, is coming to visit and speak at Anna Middle School & High School.  The date is set for March 23, 2023.  Leading up to this special event we will embark our students on a number of activities related to our All Rockets Read theme: Leading with Kindness.  As you are aware all students and staff at Anna Middle School have read Leon's book, The Kindness Diaries, and have been participating in a number of activities to enhance our understanding of Leon's journey.  

Here is a little bit more information about Leon:

Before Leon Logothetis became a global adventurer, TV host, motivational speaker, and best-selling author, he was living an uninspired and disconnected life as a broker in London. On the outside, it looked like he had it all. But inside, he was chronically depressed. He decided to do something radical about it – give it all up for a life on the road.

He embarked on an adventure around the globe, fueled by the receiving and giving of kindness. On his journey, he found the essence of humanity and learned about the bonds that connect people worldwide. Through kindness, he discovered that when we start to compare ourselves by our similarities instead of our differences, we start to create a brighter future.
For over a decade, he has traveled to over 100 countries and to every continent. He’s documented his experiences through his best-selling books and TV shows. Leon has devoted his life to inspiring the world with his message of kindness and hope. This is best shown through his hit tv show “The Kindness Diaries” now streaming on discovery+.
Leon has worked with many well-being brands and companies to ignite a spark of love, adventure, and humanity into their message and expand their global awareness. When he’s not making TV shows and writing books, he’s traveling around the world, speaking to schools and businesses about the power of kindness, compassion, and empathy. Leon's goal is to always make a positive impact with his work and content. In 2021, Leon started the “Spontaneous Moments of Conversation” podcast.

Leon is also the founder of Winston Entertainment, a travel/adventure television production company that produces content that highlights the good in humanity.

Anna Middle School and High School would like to extend a special thank you to the following organizations for their generous financial support of this special event:

The Bensman Foundation

St. Jacob's Lutheran Church

The Community Foundation of Shelby County

The Anna Education Foundation

Without their support, this event and opportunity would not be possible.  THANK YOU!